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Interior Design

Once your job is complete, you may discover that your windows need coverings or that your new rooms lack furniture that fits the home or you!   This is why our designs have pre-thought out furniture plans and can collaborate with you and your interior designer. This can range from help with the selections of fabrics, furniture, millwork, and cabinetry to a full coordination with your interior designer.  Integrating the design of your interiors with the architectural design insures that all elements will work together.   

• Furniture
• Upholstery
• Drapery
• Lamps and Specialty Lighting (with Lighting Plans)
• Wallpaper and Special Finishes/ cabinetry/ building details
• Accents, details, & colors 

For best results, your interior design planning should begin early on during the building design phases.  This ensures that everyone is working with the same concept as it is evolving.




Lindsay Daniel provides residential design services to Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding communities.