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Interior Building Details

Bricks and mortar aren’t the only part of your project that will depend on plans. Your interior details will benefit from precise guidelines as well. You may choose to have us help you with this portion of your design project and create some of these enlarged detailed drawings for your special and unique interior features.  

  •  Fireplaces 
  •  Mantels 
  •  Moldings
  •  Casework 
  •  Cabinets
  • Colors
  •  Light Fixtures 
  •  Special Finishes and Details (like windows and doors)

Even if you plan to do the shopping for finishes, it is advantageous to have us apply your selections to the interior elevations to work out construction conflicts with cabinetry, mouldings, plumbing, lighting, appliances, etc.  This coordination helps to facilitate a major savings of construction time and material "misfits" on your project.  


Lindsay Daniel provides residential design services to Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding communities.