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A Holistic Team Approach

The Lindsay Daniel Design Collaborative Structure
One for all and all for you.



Director of Team
Director of Design

Lindsay Daniel
Lindsay Daniel



Project Design/Managers
Building design
Plans production
Cost analysis
Product research & Written specifications 
Structural design/Detail design/Quality control
Interior Building Details and Interior Design

Lindsay Daniel with a variety of experts in these skilled fields that have an established working relationship with LDD.

Bid & Negotiation
Construction Observation 

Lindsay Daniel with Project Managers & Support associates as needed

Who will design my project?

After you have selected LDD (most likely thru a Design Consult): At the start your project is reviewed/ conceptually designed by Lindsay Daniel and is assigned to our new merged design firm (Shutter Dog Design) which will lead  the project from start to finish (permit set of plans). We work closely with design support associates at key intervals to create an superior integrated design.  

Why do I need a team versus a single residential designer (or architect)?

Only with a team of broad range professionalism and depth can you be sure of the highest level of integrated skill, knowledge, and experience. The design managed team is why your final design is holistic – meticulously thought out in all aspects of design, function, costs, and construction materials and building systems – blending creativity with practicality and feasibility. A single designer simply cannot deliver such diverse strengths. This process works for all scale of projects for custom homes, addition/renovations, historic, and sustainable designs.

How does that benefit my project?

Because we do not design using a linear system (like a production line), but rather with an immersed team approach, all eyes are on your project at the same time. Information and ideas are shared and conflicts resolved, reducing duplication of time and preventing costly surprises during construction. Ultimately, your project proceeds with maximum efficiency and finishes with the best design solutions possible. In today’s world a house is a highly complex system. LDA makes sure everything fits together like a puzzle, also reducing the destruction of the design during the construction process.

The Lindsay Daniel team goal.

We all want your money to be spent as efficiently as possible. That means getting maximum design value for each dollar spent. Our goal is to deliver more than you expected in a home that provides lasting satisfaction. Our homes are designed to last, thereby building your estate value. How effectively we achieve that is the measure of our value as a team.

Lindsay Daniel provides residential design services to Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding communities.