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Our Mission

To the Community:

Our long term mission is for LDD to redefine the role of the home designer in our residential markets. Thru new extensive design education and delivery systems we want to create more experiences for the public that expose the increasing value of owning a home designed by highly skilled residential designer. We desire to acknowledge and facilitate the needs of all the persons connected to this field and to creatively offer individualized services that match those particular needs. The people are the homeowners, contractor/builder/developers, real estate agents, and fellow architects. We believe there is more fulfillment and growth in the sharing of each others passions. (See the Library section of our website)

To our Clients:

Our immediate mission is for LDD to create a nurturing and beautiful home for the homeowner and in that process to invite a journey to discover themselves and an enhanced living environment.

Our Product:

To increase the integrity of design for Single Family residential homes

In Design:

To create harmony, balance, and beauty between basic design principles and function for all scope of projects and residential styles.

In Delivery:

To create a larger number of avenues for offering our services to our clients and the community (read about Tier Services)

In Education:

To expose the public to the variety of potential roles which a building designer can be used for bringing benefit (value) to the inhabitants of residential properties and the community itself. (See the Library section of our website)

Value Added:

Cost of Service versus the value gained:  To pay too much for a service is different from paying a lot for an excellent product that solves the whole problem.

"What is easy to measure does not matter; what is hard to measure does matter." Einstein  (Money can be measured, beauty can not, and it is beauty that matters.)

"Luxury isn't a price point - its what you make of your life."  Richard Mishaan  (In your home this could mean that it is not the square footage that counts but rather the details and how you live your life.....the quality of the space you live in!)

Lindsay Daniel provides residential design services to Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding communities.