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Buy a house built in a factory

Akron Beacon Journal

Printed in The Charlotte Observer Home Section, April 14, 2007

Pre-fab housesIn her foreword to Sheri Koones’ new book, “Prefabulous,” architect Sarah Susanka makes an intriguing point:  We’d never agree to have a new car assembled in the driveway or a new dishwasher put together on the kitchen floor. Yet when it comes to houses, many of us assume one built on site is superior to one constructed in a factory. “Prefabulous” offers evidence to the contrary. The book focuses on houses built using various types of prefabrication: modular construction, panelized construction, structural insulated panels, timber framing, log construction, concrete and steel. For the most part, these are substantial homes – mansions, in some cases – where prefabrication was chosen as the means to building a better house. Factory construction, Koones’ book argues, saves time, money and building materials, and can result in sturdy houses that require less energy and maintenance. Yet as her book illustrates, it doesn’t require sacrifices regarding the home’s design. “Prefabulous” is published by The Tauton Press and sells for $25 in hardcover.

Architect Comment:  We would love to investigate this avenue with a client!

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