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Concrete House Showcases Technology and Upside-Down Design

By Allen Norwood

Printed in The Charlotte Observer Home Section, February 17, 2007


concrete houses article

Orlando, Fla. – The New American Home is made up of simple rectangles, basic shapes even toddlers recognize. One child-like observation is unavoidable: If you squint, the house looks like a stack of giant shoeboxes. It’s built mostly of concrete, an ancient – and dirt plain – material.

This year’s edition of the annual New American Home, though, is the “newest” in the past decade.

The showhouse is built each year to showcase the latest home design, components, materials and technology. It’s the centerpiece of the annual convention of the National Association of Home Builders, which recently drew more than 100,000 builders and vendors to Orlando. The showhouse is sponsored by the National Council of the Housing Industry – the industry’s top supplies – and Builder magazine, the NAHB’s official publication.

Some years, much of what’s new is buried inside walls or attics, and the homes look much like yours. Not this one. It’s stunningly different – including an upside-down layout with the kitchen and great room on the top floor and bedrooms below.

Architect Comment:  This is a fascinating process with insulation inside of the concrete.  New methods to an old material...a plus in trying to save energy!  Worth the research with your architect and builder!


concrete houses

concrete houses

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